5 Amazing Benefits of Being Sexually Active

5 Amazing Benefits of Being Sexually Active

You perhaps have heard that sex is good for you. But have you ever wondered why? I mean what exactly does sex do to your body?

Well, it feels good, that’s for certain!

In addition to it, though, there are some amazing ways in which sex can benefit you. Having consensual sex where you and your partner both are equally involved and are taking necessary precautions can make a huge difference to your overall quality of life. Being actively involved in healthy sex can be great for your physical as well as emotional well being. 

In this article, I have discussed the five most amazing benefits of having sex frequently.

Improved Heart Health

Can sex do good to your heart? Well, there is some evidence suggesting the same. There is a study that suggests that being sexually active can be beneficial to middle-aged men (45 to 60 years). It helps them keep the risk of having a stroke in control. Plus, it offers protection against fatal coronary events. Additionally, research suggests that people who have sex frequently are less prone to dying of a heart attack.

Health experts say that having sex is like exercising. With that being said, though, you should understand that overdoing it may sometimes put a strain too on your heart. 

Now, what exactly accounts for “overdoing” depends on your age and health.

Lower Stress

Sex has been proven a great stress buster time and time again. But is it biological? Well, yes! The research shows that sex has some impact on your cortisol level, the stress hormone. 

Studies also show that having an intimate partner in stressful times can make it easier for us to cope as well as recover.

Now, the interesting part is that it’s not just sex but also the affection and emotional intimacy that helps people reduce stress. Moreover, the link works the other way too. Just like having sex makes people happier and less stressed, being happy and stress-free makes people have more sex.

Better Sleep

Sex can also help you sleep better. In a survey, people were asked if sex affected their sleep. And many answered yes. People said that they sleep a lot quicker after having an orgasm. Also, their sleep quality is better. In short, they think that sex is good for their sleep.

However, the above evidence, I’d say, is just anecdotal. With that being said, there is still a requirement for some better pieces of research in this regard, which may take time.

Decreased Risk of Prostate Cancer

One of the biggest advantages of having sex frequently is the reduced risk of developing prostate cancer. Studies suggest that men who ejaculate more often, either while having sex or masturbating, are less likely to get diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Now, there are some blurry pieces of information suggesting that getting a vasectomy may increase this risk again. However, healthcare experts say that even if it is true, it still won’t be an absolute rise. Hence, if you are thinking of getting a vasectomy, do not avoid it thinking it may increase the risk of prostate cancer for you.

Longer Life

Having sex regularly can also help you live a longer life. Now, it’s important to note that this will only be possible assuming you do not get a scary STI. If you are careful enough, you might be able to live a long healthy life crediting to sex. 

There are studies available that suggest that middle-aged men who have sex frequently are less likely to die naturally in the coming decade than those who rarely have sex. This may be because of them being healthier overall. As we discussed before, having sex is like exercising. Hence, it may help you live a longer, healthier life. Another thing might help you with a longer life and a better sexual experience is the inculcation of CBD in your wellness routine. So, do check out Chronic Joint Pain CBD.