Can a Broken Heart Actually Be Fatal?

Can a Broken Heart Actually Be Fatal?

When we talk about broken hearts, what is the first thing that pops up in your head? Is it Adele vocalising her anguish to everyone’s amazement? Is it Sylvia Plath and her words piercing your heart like hers must’ve gone through? There are so many instances one can attach with the term ‘broken heart’ and we shall talk about the same in a different context today.

If there is anything that spears your insides and makes your heart sink, it is a heart break. It can be problematic leading to a lot of emotional and psychological turbulence. But what we are talking about today is an actual medical condition that can be manifested, if and when a person goes through the superlatives of emotional or even physical trauma sometimes. The medical condition stress myopathy, commonly referred to as Broken Heart Syndrome is very real and very heartbreaking. 

What Is Broken Heart Syndrome?

Broken Heart Syndrome (BHS) is a temporary and often reversible condition of the heart that causes the heart muscles to give way. This causes them to weaken up and imitate the symptoms that are analogous to that of a heart attack. You could even call it a small, almost insignificant heart attack. Almost insignificant because it does not have similar health downpour as a heart attack gives, but it sure has its set of medical conditions that follow. 

Also unlike a heart attack that generally has an underlying condition leading up to it, BHS can happen anytime one is under intense physical or mental trauma. This leads to the weakening of the heart muscles. Broken Heart Syndrome also differs from heart attacks as people for most time do not get blocked arteries and make a swift recovery within a week.

Emotional and Physical Causes 

Each person can have a different trigger to set about BHS, but they all often converge to either emotional drain or to physical stressors. A few examples of the two can be – 

Emotional Stress Inducers

  • A life changing incident like divorce or a bad breakup
  • Death of someone in close emotional vicinity 
  • Extreme fear that could emanate from any situation ranging from public speaking to being held hostage in extreme cases.
  • Outbursts of anger 

Physical Stress Inducers

  • A draining physical activity, like a long run after a long time
  • Medical conditions like asthma, seizures, strokes and fluctuating blood pressure
  • Post surgery complications
  • Severe Pain

Can Broken Heart Syndrome Cause Death?

We’ve talked about how broken heart syndrome can be like a heart attack, but a severely mild one. Heart attacks are often fatal, but that’s not the case when it comes to cardiomyopathy. Although deaths have happened over the years with BHS, they are extremely rare and highly unlikely,with less than 1% chance for the person to succumb to the condition. You can relieve stress with CBD and Delta 8. You can find delta 8 gummies online and offline, both.

How Can Stress Cause BHS?

When you experience something stressful, your body goes through a turmoil on its own and does all sorts of weird stuff to try and cope up with the feeling. Hormones are produced in excess, proteins like adrenaline and noradrenaline are secreted into you making you lose your sense of control over the issue at hand. In all of this haphazardness, the heart is the one to probably suffer the most. With such a surge in adrenaline, arteries can contract and become narrower, causing a momentary decrease in blood flow to the heart. 

Adrenaline can also directly attach itself to the heart, being present in such great amounts. This can cause higher supplies of calcium to enter your bloodstream, further entering the cells. Because of this narrowing of arteries and this massive intake of calcium, the heart stops beating and pumping blood irregularly. Thankfully this effect of adrenaline during the attack is reversible and manageable. The heart can fully recover within a week or a fortnight to the max.