How To Get Over a Bad Breakup

How To Get Over a Bad Breakup

A romantic relationship is possibly the most intimate relationship that one human can have with another. In these kinds of relationships where the people involved are their most authentic and realistic selves while also being intensely vulnerable, they are at a great risk of getting their heart broken. And if it ends badly, say after a cheating scandal or a domestic abuse one, the whole thing becomes almost too difficult to get over with. Hence, here are 5 ways for all those people to get over their bad breakup with their sanity intact.

Rely on Your Loved Ones

When you get heartbroken by your lover the world seems like a dark and cold place. You don’t feel like interacting with anyone and your trust in people gets reduced greatly. The best advice for you, if you are going through such a tough time, is to rely on your loved ones. Your friends and family are the people who will help you recover and build back your spirit. Hence instead of going into self isolation, open up for the love of the people who have always been there to support you through thick and thin.

Recognize the Bad and the Good

Now that you have taken such a grave decision that has almost spinned your life off its axis, the time to recognize the good and the bad has come. Instead of being overly emotional, be pragmatic about it and analyze what went wrong during your relationship and what was good about it. If you feel anxious you can use Delta 8 strains by Budpop to calm down and observe the situation at hand with a relaxed heart and mind. Recognizing the feelings for what they are will help you in getting over them faster.

Focus on Yourself

Self care has to be the key in getting over a bad breakup. You have ignored your feelings and your needs for much too long. You may have kept your ex partner as a priority before, but now there is no need to. You have to only care about your well being and prioritize your mental, physical and emotional health. This will help you in getting over your breakup faster than normal. Workout, eat well and expose yourself to only positive people and see what wonders it does for you.

Take Time off Social Media

Social media becomes the bane of the existence of people who are trying to get over a bad breakup. That is because chances are you will see the picture of your ex or hear about their life or might even see their new partners somewhere on the internet. Where this is not entirely a bad thing, this might hinder you from successfully getting over your ex partner. Hence it would be best for you to take some time off social media and only engage with people in a more real and normal setting. 

Cut off All Communication With Your Ex Partner

You must have heard many songs about toxic relationships where the person keeps going back to their partner even after they’ve broken up and keep getting their heart broken time and time again. Well, we don’t do that here. The first step to breaking up with someone is to cut off all communication. This is advised because it takes only one kind word for people to go back to their toxic exes and get into another toxic relationship. You can later maybe reconnect and talk but during the breakup it is not good for the sanity of both the people. 


Breakup is only but a phase of life and should be treated as such. Do not break apart and give the other person the importance of being able to ruin your spirit, instead pick yourself up and become a stronger version of yourself.