Transform Your Life With the Teachings of Taoism Transform Your Life With the Teachings of Taoism

Transform Your Life With the Teachings of Taoism

Taoism, also called Daoism, is a philosophical religion from ancient China. Laozi or Lao Tzu is considered to be the philosopher who coined the term first in his book Tao Te Ching. This book of 81 chapters written in classical Chinese text revolved around the importance of ‘tao’ or ‘dao’ which means “way” and ‘te’ or ‘de’, loosely translating to “virtue of life”. In all essence of it, he was talking about how to live life in harmony with the world. He explains how to act in perfect correlation with the natural cycles of nature. 

It is a Chinese philosophy that reveals and helps to act with the rudimentary form and nature of the world. Flow of nature and oneself with it, selflessness are a few thoughts that add up to the whole of Taoism. It became more prominent and came to limelight in 8th Century China as the religion of the Tang Dynasty. As time progressed it was as prevalent as Buddhism and Confucianism , till about 1959, when Communist China drove out the religion / philosophy.  Let us look at some of the many teachings written by Laoze that everyone in the modern world can learn from. A world that never sleeps, anyone could benefit from the simplicity found in Taoism. 

Letting Go

The primary focus on which the study and teachings of Taoism is centered, is the lesson of letting go. If you start believing that everything that there is changes, everything undergoes a transformation, there is nothing for you to hold on to. The only constants in life are birth, death and change; though mentally a very hard concept to grasp, it is what many of the Eastern philosophies remind us of. 

Once you understand this, the whole idea of holding onto materialistic stuff becomes alien and letting go, second nature to you. 

Live With Patience, Compassion and Simplicity

Counted to be as the three greatest treasures in life, simplicity, patience and compassion go a long way. Life can get, rather we can end up making life very complicated and these three virtues help us in ways beyond the ordinary. Having simpler thoughts can help you return back to your inner peace. Being patient with both friends and foes alike makes your conscience brighten. Finally being compassionate towards all living things, most importantly to yourself, you reconcile everyone in the world. 

Harbour and Spread Kindness & Love

There is nothing as pure as the heart of a kind soul. The love that you possess can not just affect the person you shower it with, but it invokes a sense of oneness with everyone you do so. This brings about a feeling so strong and powerful, yet so dainty and pure that can change you from the inside out. To be kind is to give, without the intention of having it paid back. A kind heart harbours love and a loving heart will always spread kindness. 


The teachings of not just Taoism, but many other eastern philosophies pronounce the concept of Yin and Yang. Where light liberates one, darkness may engulf the other. There is a natural yet systemic flow of harmony that wraps nature and ties everyone inside it. Yin and Yang always change in accordance with time and so shall we, the night becomes the day, the sky meets the earth. It all comes to a full circle with positives and negatives aplenty, but always balanced. 

Going With the Flow 

Rather than fighting the elements that are ever present and as nature intended them to be, one shouldn’t try to modulate them to any effect. If we let the course of action, as intended as it is to take place, things will fall into their right places. To let the course of nature flow and be as it is the natural state of things to be. What it also means is that if you don’t know what to do at present, it’s better not to go blindfolded. You can accentuate your belonging with nature by clearing your mind and setting yourself free with delta. Learn more about delta-8 gummies and try them for yourself.