What’s The Best Time To Have Sex?

What’s The Best Time To Have Sex?

Sex feels great. You got a counter-argument? I’m sure you don’t because there ain’t many things that can match the ecstasy of human orgasm.  Humans love being aroused. It’s like our dirty little secret and we ain’t ashamed of it. Well, there is an age-old conflict. What’s the best time to have sex? Morning or evening? I’m sure you have pinned your choice. In fact, I’m sure for many of you, time does not dictate your racing hormones. A mutual interest is all you need. For men, mornings are usually eventful. Morning wood is something that every man is aware of. With women, it’s a different thing. They prefer it in the evening. Well, there are a lot of factors that decide the ideal time to get in the act.

Testosterone Levels Differ

It’s not a surprise for men to wake up with an erection. It’s all science. Testosterone level peaks between 6 am and 9 am. So, it’s natural for men to feel aroused. Morning sex is a thing but it’s not necessarily a woman thing. They have minimum testosterone levels in the morning and there is only a slight spike in the evening. This difference in hormone influences the sexual urge in men and women. 

Difference in Hormone Cycle

Both men and women have varying hormone cycles. Men have high levels of testosterone in the morning while it’s not the case with women. They don’t observe such hormonal changes on a daily basis. Instead, that happens mid-month at the time of ovulation. But, it’s still not as drastic as men. This fact dictates sexual appetite in men and women. With such a difference, it can be pretty hard to carve an ideal time for sex.

Cleanliness Matters

Women have a thing for cleanliness. They prefer it shaved—some don’t mind the bush—and smell is important. The problem with morning sex is that bad breath is a major turn-off. It can completely blast the idea of sex in the morning. Men particularly have a light sense of smell and with these issues, starting the day on a pleasurable note can be a challenge.

Want Morning Sex? Do This

Morning sex is actually good for you. It gives rise to the hormone vasopressin and it makes men more emotionally receptive. In fact, various studies show that both genders perform better if they have sex in the morning. Also, body image is something that can hamper your sex life. Women are particularly more conscious of it. When you wake up in the morning, it’s natural to look messed up. Don’t let that deter you from having sex. Both genders should be naturally accepting of each other’s bodies. Appreciate each other’s bodies and start slow. Spend time cuddling and shower those compliments. These can help you fire up the desire before sex. Sleep also has an impact on the sexual urge. If you tend to sleep less, it can lower the production of testosterone in the body impacting your desire to have sex. So, ensure you take the full dose of sleep to keep your sex appetite in balance.

Encourage Evening Sex Through This

There is nothing better than ending the day with some great sex. It’s vital for the emotional connection between you and your partner. If both of you work at different places, it’s better to maintain the connection. The Internet makes things easier. Build anticipation for the night through an exchange of loving texts throughout the day. It boosts the emotional connect and makes you long for each other’s presence. Another way to keep this connection is through workouts. Hit the gym together and do some high-intensity workout. Intense workouts trigger the release of testosterone in the body. With hormone levels peaking in both the genders, pleasurable sex will surely be on the cards. 

Talk to Your Partner

Most people are struggling for a healthy sex life because they miss that connection with their partner. Honestly, emotional connection is a major driving force for a great and satisfying sex. You need to trust your partner completely and respect each other’s preferences. If any friction arises, it’s bound to take a toll on your sex life. A good way to counter this is by having a discussion with your partner. Most people tend to shy away from this but it’s important. Talk about what makes each other feel good. You might agree on some while disagreeing with others. Talking builds a sense of connection. When you know what your partner wants, it’s easier to satisfy them to the core. The same applies to the conflict between morning and evening sex. Just talk it out with your partner. Trust me, it won’t be that hard. Once you’re aware of the preference, you can look forward to a great sex life. Don’t forget to add some spice. I hope you know what I mean.